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Kitchen Extract Duct Cleaning

Ventland Ltd specialise in commercial kitchen extract duct cleaning.

Our service includes:


  • Site survey showing duct layout
  • Costs and requirements
  • Installation of access doors – If required
  • Risk Assessments & Method Statements
  • The kitchen extract duct clean
  • Written report, including photographic evidence before and after, wet thickness measurement test results, any limitations/recommendations, and certification
  • Air volume measurement with readings included in the report for your reference


Regardless of how efficient the canopy filters are at trapping grease particulates, it is inevitable that the build-up of grease and fatty deposits will form within any kitchen extract system and will present a constant and significant fire risk, as well as a breeding ground for bacteria.


It is essential that these combustible deposits are removed through regular specialist cleaning to ensure the building and the occupant’s safety is not put at risk.


The Building & Engineering Services Association (B&ES) TR/19 best practice guidance calls for regular specialist cleaning based on usage. Section 7.35 shows the minimum interval between cleans to be as below:




Heavy use


Medium use


Light use

12-16 hours per day


6-12 hours per day


2-6 hours per day






3 monthly cleans


6 monthly cleans


12 monthly cleans

Insurance companies, Fire Safety Officers and Environmental Health Officers require evidence that the kitchen extract system is being cleaned and managed appropriately. The Management of Health & Safety at Work and The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 places a strict ‘Duty Of Care’ on the manager / owner of the premises to co-ordinate a fire risk assessment and implement a plan to minimise potential risks.


Ventland ensure all work is completed to the highest standards.


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