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Ventland VLX Carbon Filtration Air Handling Units


  • Aluminium anodised pentapost framework
  • Double-skinned panels, with 25mm thick mineral wool with a density of 60kg/m3, providing excellent sound reduction
  • Full height hinged side door panels for maintenance access
  • Available complete or for on-site assembly

Fan Features

  • Centrifugal, double inlet, double width, available with forward or backward-inclined blades
  • Statically and dynamically balanced, after manufacture
  • Fan and motor-mounted on a ridged steel frame which is isolated from the main structure by anti-vibration mountings
  • Fan is driven by a 3-phase motor ranging from 5.5kw up to 15kw, using a V belt pulley system
  • Air volumes can range from 1.0 m/s3 to 8.0 m/s3


  • 1, 2 or 3 stages of pre-filtration, all grades available, depending on application
  • 1 or 2 banks of activated carbon filters of a grade best suited to kitchen applications, each bank of carbon weighing up to 400kgs
  • Standard range of carbons has dwell times from 0.1 sec to 0.5 for increased weight and absorption efficiency
  • All filters fully sealed to prevent by-pass
  • Ventland offer ongoing filter maintenance services, and will select suitable filters for your application


Ventland air handling units